eSport and Students

eSport industries is phenomenal towards Malaysian community especially ages about 13-35 years old. The attractive gameplay and genre that were provided by game producers initiated this highly anticipated new kind of sport.

From the first tournament of Spacewar until The International. People acceptance towards this eSport drastically increase within time. Example of the genre such as MOBA(Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) the most popular video game for this genre is League of Legends  that statistically have 60 million active player each month, and second highest is DOTA 2 which have 12 million active player each month. This indicated that people involve in this sport is very huge and develepors are looking as advantages to make huge money.

So,what is the relation of this eSport industries to student? Nowadays, the student which is also common teenagers have multiple critical problems such as moral breakdown, intercourse before marriage, and drugs problems. Student involvement in this eSport thingy wil helps them to overcome this various problem and also can helps them in study. There has many research saying that playing games actually improve your analytical and critical thinking ( but only in correct way and suitable playing time. Excessive playing also gives bad effects towards social life especially that gives bad relationship towards other human.

So, as conclusion, the authorities or universities should let the students and teenagers get more chances to involve in this newly-kind of sports.