How My Life Going?

If you feel down, very stressful and hate everyone at some point, you not the only one and its normal( smiley emoji)

About me?? My name is Muhammad Amzar Safiy Bin Raduan, usually people called me Amzar, some of them misheard it Hamzah.. haha never mind.. you also can call me Safiy but usually it been use only by relative or closed friends. I was born in Selangor, raised in Selangor, even studying in Selangor right now. UiTM Puncak Alam..

Whenever people chatted with me, "they asked where do you live?" all of the reaction is the same.. "ehh dekat gila, boleh ulang alik" hahhaha.. yes, currently I'm living in this "Bandar" Puncak Alam.

Actually I never though that I will further my study in this Bachelor of Pharmacy, never in my life I thinking about it. I only know this course exist during filling the UPU application. Currently this course quiet nice and I have made lot of friends. I still remember early days in sem 1. Everyone seems cannot move on from their pre-university life and diploma life.. hahaha

I'm admit also cannot moving on. But eventually people forgot all the memories and suit themselves in the new places. Friends in this University life is super nice, especially my labmates, classmates and weird man called Faiz Gan.

My SPM was disaster and luckily in Pahang Matriculation College, I could covered up and pass with flying colours. The tips to survive the Matriculation programme is form strong bond with friends and don't be lazy, you can sleep in lecture :D but just don't lazy to do some exercises given by lecturers. My favourite lecturer during that period, her name is Madam Ra'biah. even though she so fierce but she care for her student like mother-child relationship.

I will posted some pictures, all pictures with memories below.. thanks for reading XD